Did you know retail supplement brands are not regulated by the FDA and many are contaminated? Most of my patients are surprised to find that many of the brands they've been using for years have had product recalls, contamination or contain food allergens. Many are in forms that are not easy for the body to absorb. If you are taking supplements for your health, it's important that they are not only safe but actually working!


I'm so passionate about helping my patients find supplements that are safe AND bioavailable so that they are easy to absorb, assimilate and deliver results! That's why I created my own supplement dispensary through Fullscript. The brands I recommend have Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) to ensure they:


Meet or exceed FDA guidelines

Use research & evidence-based guidelines

Use pure ingredients, high-quality product design & formulations

Maintain manufacturing controls

Adhere to accurate labeling 

Provide proper storage

Conduct raw ingredient and finished product testing,

on-site audits & random product testing (looking for contaminants such as

heavy metals, solvents, pesticides, microbes, and other chemicals)


In my store, you will find supplements by category as well as natural hygiene products and organic superfoods.

I am so excited to give more people access to the healing properties of herbs and supplements at a fair price!







*If you haven't been prescribed or recommended supplements, always check with your Dietitian, MD, DO, or Naturopath before beginning a supplement regimen.