Vanessa Berenstein, MA RD CDN

Integrative Registered Dietitian

Integrative & Functional Medical Nutrition Therapist (IFMNT)

Masters in Sustainable Food Systems

MB-EAT (Mindful Eating) Instructor

Urban Farmer

Healing your relationship with food, one bite at a time.

My Story


There were two critical moments in my life that led me to a career in nutrition: losing 50 pounds in high school and working on organic farms after college. As a teenager, I was overweight, unhappy and tired of dieting.  I was bullied and often pressured by others to fit into what was considered "thin" and "beautiful." Eventually I realized that the most important reason for me to change my diet was to help myself get healthy. When body image and other people's opinions became secondary, I felt much less pressure- I was doing this for ME. I started researching and reading everything I could about nutrition, began monitoring my portion sizes and exercising regularly, With this gradual health focused weight loss, I completely turned my life around. I've kept off the weight ever since. How? Mainly because I stopped dieting and taking shortcuts and started prioritizing my health and lifestyle.





After college, I lived and worked on organic farms for two years in Mexico and Argentina. That's when I truly understood where my food comes from - everything from the moment a seed is planted until it reaches our plates. Getting to plant a seed, watch it grow, care for it, harvest it and ultimately eat it, opened my eyes to the power of food and it's impact on our environment. During that time, I also began learning about meditation and mindful eating. Awareness of my mental and emotional health helped me not only heal my relationship with food, it also repaired my relationship to myself. I learned how to truly enjoy life to the fullest and focus on all the amazing things in my life. Gratitude and self compassion quickly became a daily practice that has led to success in every area of my life.


My passion is to help others experience these powerful transformations and make empowered choices that change their life.  My counseling style focuses on creating dynamic, interactive experiences that inspire people to take control of their health and thrive. I make it as simple, delicious and fun as possible for my clients to turn healthy behaviors into sustainable habits. 

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