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I worked with Vanessa and right off the bat I could tell she was in it for the right reasons! Cheering me on, showing empathy towards my feelings and history surrounding food, and providing so many great resources to start my journey of getting healthier. She quickly helped me face my reality of mindless eating and binging and I began to look at my relationship with food in a whole new light. Vanessa gets 5 stars from me!

Yasmin, 28

Vanessa helped me so much with my reflux and IBS. I really liked that we worked together to come up with ways I could plan healthier meals that make sense for my busy schedule. She made it easy and fun to get creative with recipes. We also figured out what foods were causing my bloating and I finally feel like myself again. I have so much more energy and rarely have cravings for sugar. Thanks Vanessa!

Not only did Vanessa have a depth of knowledge, she was also sweet, kind and engaging in her display of that knowledge. It was easy to ask questions and get help. She shared herbs from her garden and my batch of fermented green beans and carrots was fantastic! I would take another class of hers, definitely.

- Matthew, 42

- Casey, 32

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