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Every body is different; we believe in individual approaches to health.

Food is our most basic, fundamental medicine. Like a car, the type of fuel you choose determines your performance.  

Mindset is key to healing. Positive attitudes are linked to greater well-being and health outcomes in the research and in practice. 

Evidence-based nutrition pair well with traditional medicine and clinical evidence: we use the latest scientific research to support our recommendations, but also incorporate ancient medicine philosophies such as Vitalism, Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, and overall clinical experience.

Integrative and Functional Medicine: Creating a therapeutic partnership with you helps us get to the root causes of any imbalances you have and in turn support the body’s natural healing process.

We recommend nutrient dense, whole foods: local, organic, seasonal, plant based, minimally processed, without synthetic chemicals, fertilizers, preservatives, or harmful additives.

A calorie is not a calorie: we always prioritize quality ingredients and support portion awareness. No need to count calories or obsess over numbers. 

Nutrient synergy: we help you pair foods to maximize the body’s ability to digest and absorb nutrients. 

The Healing From Scratch ™ foundations of health are cooking and meal planning skills, self-care practices, mind-body-spirit connection, sleep and physical activity.

Your microbiome, or unique microbial community, is fundamental to health. We help you support "good bacteria" or probiotics through food and supplements when necessary.

You know your body best. You are the expert in what works for you. Our goal is to help you become your own healer and strengthen your connection to your highest self. Your practitioner is a facilitator and guide, but you are in charge of your healing process.

We help you develop a healthy, positive relationship with food to allow you to:


~ Let go of restricting calories, diet fads, and guilt. 

~ Eat mindfully & intuitively

~ Fully enjoy food

Interested in how this

approach can work for you?

Our Mission is to bridge the gap between what we eat, where it comes from,
and how it affects our mind, body, spirit and environment.  By doing this, we help
people achieve long term health, happiness and well being.
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