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Mindfulness is a way to be more present and aware of each moment. When we are more mindful in our every day life, we can understand what our bodies need and be more attuned to other people and our environment. 

About 60-90% of doctor's visits are stress related. Mindfulness practices can reduce overall stress and activate the Parasympathetic Nervous System, our rest and digest system that allows us to relax and rejuvenate. More...

Do you commonly experience brain fog, fatigue or drowsiness? Are you sensitive to foods, exhaust, fumes, strong odors or alcohol? Do you have memory loss, depression or anxiety? These are some additional symptoms that can often be linked to environmental toxicity:

  • Acne and unhealthy skin

  • Excessive hair loss

  • Overall sense of bloating

  • Bodily swelling for no reason

  • Hormone Imbalance

  • Weight Ga...

Lemons and oranges are rich in antioxidants and Vitamin C, which helps boost immunity and supports the immune system to fight off the infection. Ginger has been shown to modulate the immune system, reduce inflammation, support healthy digestion and reduce pain. At the first sign of a cold or even when you’re already sick, drink a shot glass of this cocktail 2-3 times a day to build up your immune system.


December 28, 2016

I've been doing a lot of traveling lately and I always like to pack a delicious, healthy bag of goodies to replete nutrients and stay hydrated. One of my favorite drinks to bring is coconut water. If I can't get fresh coconuts, my favorite bottled coconut water is Harmless Harvest. Not only do they use organic young coconuts, they are also dedicated to sustainability and practice traditional Thai agroforestry methods...

December 13, 2016

This recipe is so warm, comforting and tasty for the holidays!

September 26, 2016

I’ve been doing a lot of traveling recently, so I thought I’d share some ideas of how to stay healthy while on the go. My friends always laugh and call me the Snack Queen. So as this alleged Snack Queen, it's only fitting that I write a post on it to share my secrets to staying healthy and eating delicious food while traveling!

With any trip, planning ahead is key. While it’s important to be spontaneous when traveling, planning...

It’s almost officially summer, and you may be wondering how you are going to look good in a bikini or manage eating well with so many temptations! It’s easy to say “I want to go to the gym more” or “I want to lose some weight,” but to make lasting change it’s important to set one or two SMART Goals (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time bound).

To help you succeed, here's a list of a few things to consi...


High levels ​of stress can negatively impact virtually every body system! Long term stress increases the levels of cortisol and adrenaline, two stress hormines that can be detrimental to health when not properly regulated. Elevated cortisol levels remove bloodflow from the digestive system and other organs to react to a threat. Having high levels of cortisol over time can weaken bones, damage nerve cells, reduce sex drive, an...



Almost every native diet worldwide included a traditional fermented food. Fermentation is one of the oldest known preservation methods; some historians estimate it goes as far back as 6,000 BC! Cultures traditionally used fermentation to safely store foods for long periods of time, especially after a large harvest. It also saved time, prevented waste, and made food more palatable.


Little did ancient cultures realize, fe...

February 16, 2016


Your microbiome is the community of microorganisms living in your body. For every human cell, we have 10 bacterial cells, meaning we are made up of 90% bacteria! We have more bacterial DNA than human DNA. There are also organisms like archaea, yeast, fungi, viruses, and other micro-organisms that can live symbiotically (in harmony) with us or cause illnesses if imbalanced. Research continues to emerge on the link between our...

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4 Ways to Actually Get Yourself to Meditate

May 28, 2019

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