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Need in depth, affordable labs?

We know how expensive testing can be, particularly with specialized tests.  By partnering with specialty labs, we are able to offer a lot of tests at a much lower, discounted out of pocket cost when your insurance won't cover the tests.

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Who would benefit?

  • Anyone who wants less expensive, advanced functional medicine testing usually not covered by insurance

  • Those with limited insurance coverage for labs

  • Medicare or Medicaid patients with complex medical conditions who can't afford advanced labs and functional medicine doctors

  • People with digestive issues who have been to conventional practitioners without answers

  • Those working with functional medicine practitioners but not getting insurance coverage

*You can always send a recepit for services to insurances for reimbursement  or use flex spending accounts


Blood Samples

How does it work?

STEP 1      Click on your chosen test (most are available anywhere in the US and                          some internationally)

STEP 2     Order test through the link and fill out your information

STEP 3     Pay through the DHA website. (If you are working through a practitioner,                      you will need to separately send them the results once you receive them)

STEP 4     Once the order is processed, paperwork will be emailed to you within 2-3                    business days. Blood draw paperwork includes 3 documents: a local lab                      list, preparation instructions (always fasting in the AM for morning), and a                    requisition form to take to the lab. 

                  Blood draw does not include any additional expenses. For functional                            tests, kits will be maile to you directly within no longer than 1 week.                              These are usually urine, stool or saliva samples easily collected at home                     and then mailed out. For bloodwork, you will be given a list of local lab                        options to get a blood draw.

STEP 5     Once sent, the turnaround time is anywhere between 2-5 weeks                                    depending on the type of test you ordered. Basic blood work can be as                      fast as 1 week, whereas functional tests can take more time.


Customer Support:

For any questions or concerns regarding lab testing, logistics, procedures or results, Call: 847-222-9546 


Fresh Produce


Learn your nutritional status through WBC testing

Scientist on Computer

advanced Thyroid

Take a comprehensive look at your thyroid function

Girl Running

Cardio metabolic

Review advanced lipids, cardiovascular health, genomics and other markers of metabolism 

Blood Test



Comprehensive bloodwork to assess your overall

health status

Nurse Taking Notes



Get the basic labs generally ordered for overall health

Man Doing Blood Test

diabetes & prevention 

Take a comprehensive look at diabetes markers and cardiovascular health. 



Fresh Produce


Comprehensive nutritional status testing that looks at microbial balance and toxicity. This is the most accurate of any nutrient testing I've found.

Image by Science in HD



Dr. Raphael d’Angelo's test is the most comprehensive and advanced parasitology test, as he tests multiple markers and reviews samples various times to get accurate readings.

Image by CDC

SIBO Breath


If you experience bloating or IBS without a clear explanation, this test will look for bacterial overgrowth in the small intestine. 60-80% of patients with IBS have SIBO. 

DNA Strand


genetic TEST

Learn how your genes may influence every area of your health. This panel reviews your risk for nutrient deficiencies, detoxification, cardiovascular health, hormones, emotional health and much more. With this knowledge, you can learn how to prevent and support disease through individualized diet, nutraceutical & lifestyle recommendations.

Chemical Plant



Determine if environmental toxins may be contributing to your symptoms and where your sensitivities are.

Embryonic Stem Cells


Anyone with IBS or a digestive condition would benefit from this test looking at gastrointestinal function and microbiome balance. 

Image by Dan Gold

Food Sensitivity

When parasites and other infections are ruled out, some patients have sensitivities to foods that cause nondescript symptoms. This test requires you to be prepared for a temporary customized elimination diet and working directly with a practitioner. 

DNA Strand




Gain a deeper understanding of genetic risk factors for nutritional deficiencies.

With this knowledge, you can learn how to prevent and support disease through individualized diet, nutraceutical & lifestyle recommendations


If there is other labwork or testing you'd like to get but do not see it above, feel free to email

with the subject: LAB TESTING

We offer other specialized tests upon request 

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