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Work With Me

Heal your mind-body ecosystem, starting from scratch.

Are you ready to increase your energy levels, step into your highest self and feel amazing?

Feel more satisfied in your body, diet and life path

Gain more confidence

Discover deeper alignment in your life purpose

Feel energized & invigorated


Improve your sleep & digestion

Identify food triggers, allergies, and sensitivities

Reduce symptoms by getting to root causes

Lose weight without being overly restrictive

Remove the guilt around food

Become a pro at planning meals & making delicious choices 

Manage stress more effectively

Enhance vitality & strength

Gain resiliency mentally, physically, and spiritually

Become the best version of yourself!

wellness Program results

Seedlings in Pots

Seedlings Package

Whether you are struggling with a medical condition or just want to increase energy levels and feel amazing, this program will help you get started on your healing journey. We will deep dive into your medical and social history to identify the root causes of any imbalances and determine an action plan to support your long-term success. If you are highly motivated to take your health into your own hands, this is the program for you!



  • Integrative Health Assessment (1.5-2hrs)

  • Personalized Wellness Plan (1 hr after assessment)

    • Customized Recommendations

    • Synergistic Supplement Protocol

    • Testing Recommendations

  • Nutrition Counseling Session (1 hour)

  • Therapeutic Topic Session (1 hour each)


*This is a 6 week program. You have 60 days to complete the program.

*For complete transformation and long-term support, the Transformation Program is more comprehensive.

Image by Alfred Schrock

Butterfly Program

Are you looking for a complete transformation and elevation of your mind, body and spirit? Are you feeling stuck in your life or struggling with mental health or physical health challenges that have not improved despite trying many modalities? Are you craving more depth and meaning in your life? Is it hard to feel good in your body? If this sounds like you, a transformative long term program is for you. We will dive even deeper into your history to uncover root causes on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels that are blocking your success.


  • 1 Integrative Nutrition Assessment (1.5-2hrs)

  • Personalized Wellness Plan (1 hr after assessment)

    • Customized Recommendations

    • Synergistic Supplement & Herbal Protocols

    • Testing Recommendations

  • 4 Wellness Coaching Sessions (1 hour each)

  • 4 Therapeutic Topic Sessions (1 hour each)

  • VIP text support

  • Personalized Database

    • Recipes

    • Shopping Lists

    • Weekly Planners

    • Nutrition Handouts

    • Worksheets

    • Relevant videos, infographics & photos

  • Feedback on Food Diaries

  • $100 Discount on Genetic Testing

  • 10% Discount on professional line supplements



*This is a 4-month program.

You have 182 days to complete the program

Green Forest

As each individual has unique needs, programs are designed based on your specific goals and a root cause approach. Any of these therapeutic practices can be applied to maximize your results. After an initial assessment, we can determine which therapeutic approaches apply.   


Freshly Picked Food


Elimination Diets

Customized Therapeutic Diets

Weight Management

Mindful Eating

Emotional Eating



Professional Supplements

Personalized Plans

Supplement Schedules 

Herb & Medication Interactions 

Cooking Eggs


Personalized Shopping Lists

Weekly Planners

Custom Recipes

Culinary Techniques

Meditating in Nature


Relaxation Practices

Spiritual Wellness

Embodiment Coaching

Pleasure Practices

Heart Coherence


Organization & Planning

Herbal Medicine


Personalized formulas

Nutritive tea infusions




Topicals for the skin

Industrial Smoke


Home Detox

Medical Detox


Sustainability Consulting

Organic Garden Consulting

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