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the Heart Alchemy SESSION


Soothe Stress, Anxiety,

Grief, & Heartbreak

with Herbalism, Nutrition, & Heart Tools

Customized Synergy

Breathing Exercise




Tools from Heart Math institute and other mind-body techniques to rewire belief systems and process challenging emotions


Heart Rate Variability


Real time feedback on heart coherence to learn what strategies support you the most

Herbs and Condiment

Heart Focused


Herbs that potentiate our ability to strengthen the heart and process emotions

Image by Anshu A

Nutrition Support

Nourishment on physical, emotional, 

mental, spiritual, and

environmental levels

During this session, you will experience the holistic synergy of these immersive tools to support your nervous system in processing emotions and achieving a balance between the mind and the heart.

When our heart and mind is in coherence, the possibilities for transformation and healing are endless!

Image by Annie Spratt


Feel more comfortable in your body


Gain deeper insight and intuition

Expand the power and strength of your heart

Reduce stress

Gain mental clarity 

Understand what your body needs for balance

Discover deeper alignment in your body

Feel balanced energy

Strengthen your emotional resilience

Leave with tools that you know work for you

Leave with a deeper connection to the herbs that can support you

Heart Coherence is a state of harmony where the heart is communicating coherently. Brain rhythms, heart rhythms, breathing, and hormonal responses all come into sync. This state is associated with healing and
numerous health benefits.


Did you know research shows the bioenergetic field of the heart extends 6 feet all the way around the heart?

The heart has a large neural network that sends more information to the brain than the brain does to the heart. When we are in a state of stress, anxiety, overwhelm or experience uncomfortable emotions, the messages to the brain are incoherent.


This creates more brain fog, confusion, and poor cognition. If we can learn to create more coherence in this system, the body and brain can work more effectively.

Are you ready to expand the power of your heart with Heart Alchemy?

Do you want to experience total transformation
and embody your highest self?

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