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From Scratch Program

Are you struggling with losing weight or generally feel out of control when it comes to food? Are you confused by popular fad diets or overwhelmed with counting calories on a daily basis? Our unique weight loss program will help you achieve sustainable results using simple and personalized solutions. Instead of feeling a struggle around food, you will be able to enjoy the foods you love without guilt or restriction. You will also gain more energy and a better understanding of how to eat for your needs. Not only will you glow on the outside, you will feel vibrantly healthy and become the best version of yourself!

Designed for: Anyone trying to lose weight, or with chronic diseases like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, or acid reflux.

Jumpstart Nutrition Program

February 23, 2023

Looking for a way to boost your health by making a few targeted changes? Maybe you want to lose weight or work on a few health goals to boost your energy levels. In three weeks, you will gain a greater understanding of your personalized needs and how you can heal yourself.


Designed for: Self starters without any major medical conditions.

Mindful Eating Group

September 04, 2023

September 4th- November 29th

Tuesdays 5-7:30pm


Are you struggling with food and want to lose weight? Do you constantly get cravings and feel guilty after you eat? Imagine if you could take a few bites of your favorite cookie and feel satisfied without eating a whole box. How would it feel if all the guilt you have about eating could disappear? With this group program, you will lose weight and optimize your health while also improving your relationship with food. Instead of dieting and restricting yourself, you will feel empowered to make healthy choices and sustain weight loss long term. Get ready to feel amazing and end your battle with food!


Designed for: Weight loss, binge eating, overeating

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