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What is Functional Medicine?


What is Functional Nutrition?


Why is Healing From Scratch Different?


We aren't just a health blog or a nutrition counseling service. By partnering a Registered Dietitian trained in functional medicine and a Natural Gourmet Institute trained chef, we offer unique skills based learning and help you find the easiest ways to make personalized meal plans that are delicious and healing! For more information, visit our What to Expect Page.


How do your programs work?


To help you make sustainable change, we encourage our clients to sign up for our signature programs. They typically begin with an initial assessment form that allows us to get to know you by asking you questions on your medical history, diet history, social life, stress, sleep and more. The Dietitian will then spend 60-90minutes with you to ask follow up questions and determine what areas you may need help with. She will help you develop some kickstart goals before the follow up session, where the education and coaching will continue. Next, we will begin the interactive skill building that can include kitchen makeovers, shopping tours, cooking classes and gardening education. Included in your program will be various add ons such as e-books, recordings and other perks to help you meet your goals.


Do you accept insurance?


What form of payment do you accept?






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