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Lemon Drop Energy Balls

Anti-Inflammatory Lemon Drop Energy Balls

For those of you who missed my Healthy & Delicious snacks class, I thought I'd post the class's favorite recipe- Lemon Drop Energy Balls! Rich in good fats and protein, this snack will keep you energized and satisfied with just 1 or 2 bites! It's also slightly tart and tangy, which reminds some people of lemon squares or desserts with lemon curd.

I like adding maca root powder to my energy balls because it's great for regulating hormones (for men and women) and has been found to act as an adaptogen, helping the body adapt to stress (1). Research shows it may have neuro-protective effects, meaning it can help prevent brain damage and degeneration (2). I usually recommend this herb to women who are struggling with fatigue, PMS, hormonal imbalances or men with reduced libido or testosterone. It has a malt like flavor and can make smoothies and energy balls creamier and slightly sweeter. I also used hemp seeds in this recipe, since they are particularly high in fiber, protein and gamma-linoleic acid (GLA), one of the building blocks of hormone like chemicals called prostaglandins that regulate inflammation and hormonal balance (3). Walnuts are high in omega-3 fatty acids, which are great for brain health and reducing inflammation (4). Walnuts also contain polyphenols, which are plant chemicals that help reduce oxidation, inflammation, increase production of new neurons and strengthen communication between neurons (5).

The combination of these brain supportive and hormone regulating compounds make this recipe a superfood for boosting your energy levels, keeping your blood sugar stable and optimizing hormonal balance. The best part is that they are also delicious & satisfying!


Prep time: 7 min Cook time: 0 min Total time: 7 min

Makes 16-17 servings


1 cup walnuts

1 cup hemp seeds

½ cup coconut flakes, unsweetened

1 tbsp coconut oil

1/4 cup honey

1 tsp maca powder

½ tsp turmeric

Juice of ½ lemon

Zest of 1 organic, unblemished lemon

1/4 cup coconut flakes, unsweetened (for coating)


  1. Blend all ingredients in a food processor.

  2. On a baking sheet, form into 1-2” balls.

  3. On a plate, add coconut flakes and gently roll balls in coconut, coating evenly on all sides

  4. Refrigerate for at least 2 hours before serving


  • For Candida, skip the honey and just add licorice root powder or cinnamon to sweeten the recipe

  • Enjoy as a last minute on the go breakfast or snack between meals

  • Switch up the nuts, seeds and flavorings to vary your energy balls. For example, cacao, cinnamon and cardamom or hemp, tahini and pumpkin seeds as your base

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